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This interactive two-day course covers basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics movements in a lecture setting, with practical application following as participants and coaches perform all presented movements. Skills are repeated until the student has an understanding of how to learn, spot and teach all movements safely to athletes of any level. Gymnastics programming is also discussed. Course participants learn to apply gymnastics principles in training themselves and others to increase strength development, core control and spatial awareness – all of which improve CrossFit performance.

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The Gymnastics Course teaches participants about:

  1. Flexibility and mobility in warm-ups – variations on multiple dynamic warm-ups, static stretches, and balance work.
  2. Basic strength – development for disadvantaged leverage and basic prowess in gymnastics movements, shapes, and positions.
  3. Gymnastic squatting position – progressions toward safely developing pistols and single leg squats.
  4. Parallette work – holds that include: tuck and L-sits/V-sits, static to dynamic movement, range of motion/extended range of motion training.
  5. Ring variations – core training exercises, ring pushups and ring dips, support work, proper hand placement, static holds, muscle-ups, muscle-up drills and conditioning.
  6. Bar variations – gymnastics shapes, kipping swing, pull-ups (static and dynamic), chest to bar pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, toes to bar (static and dynamic), knees to elbows (static and dynamic), and bar muscle-ups
  7. Handstand variations – balance work, freestanding handstands, handstand push-ups(static and dynamic), and handstand walking.
  8. How to coach, spot and scale all elements for practice and workouts.
  9. Programming gymnastics for gym populations as skill work, strength work, and for metcons.
  10. Understanding athlete limitations for gymnastic progress on an individual level, while also building cohesive gymnastic improvements with an entire athlete population in the group format.





Sent electronically 1-2 weeks after course completion to the email address used for registration.


The default language for this course is English. Any course with a translator are specified in the “Language” section from the event registration link.


Upon successful completion of this course, a Certified CrossFit Trainer may claim 14 CEUs towards their continuing education.

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