CrossFit Unlimited Classes

When you arrive for a CrossFit Group class, you should expect the following experience in a 1-hour session: -A coach-led group warmup and stretching. -Strength or Skill component: some days we’ll focus on gymnastics movements like ring dips and pull-ups, and some days we’ll focus on strength-based movements like back squats or push presses. And some days we’ll do all of the above. 🙂 WOD: Everyone, regardless of previous experience or athletic background, will perform the same workout targeted at an intended stimulus. All workouts are scalable and modifiable to all levels of ability.

What to Expect

Workouts can and will be adjusted in weight and intensity, and movements are modifiable in order to scale to the experience and fitness level of any individual. Whether you’re a professional athlete or haven’t jogged a lap since you were forced to in high school, our workouts will be tailored to fit your needs. All CrossFit classes are coach-led and roughly 1-hour in duration. Coaches will instruct and demonstrate all movements pertaining to that day’s class, and will continue to supervise and correct any movement performed by you throughout the class.

CrossFit Unlimited Prerequisites

Complete our Foundations Program.


Month-to-Month Unlimited Classes

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