New to CrossFit and always wanted to check it out?  Awesome! From now until January 31, 2020, we are offering our Foundations course as a 2-for-1!  (What’s Foundations? See below!) Grab a friend, send us an email at, and each of you will receive 50% off your Foundations month.  (You and your friend sign up independently so we have contact information for both of you. We will contact you as soon as either of you sign up to schedule your Foundations classes.)  The only stipulation is that you and your friend must do your Foundations classes together! Sweet deal, right?


We will cover CrossFit methodologies, focusing on bodyweight movements and light weight implements. We’ll teach you the basics, emphasize proper technique, and you’ll get a kick ass workout, too.

What to Expect

Each session a coach will teach and demonstrate the foundational movements we use in CrossFit, as well as review range of motion and various scales to get you moving safely. Following the instruction portion of the class, you will participate in a CrossFit style workout. You’ll get sweaty, and you’ll have fun! Once you’re competent in the movements we’ve reviewed, you may participate in our regular CrossFit classes and get the full CrossFit experience!


No prior CrossFit experience required. Great for beginners wanting to learn and progress.

If you have completed a CrossFit Foundations course elsewhere, you can skip our Foundations and sign up for our Individual Unlimited Membership here.


4 sessions plus remainder of the month of unlimited classes

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