If you’ve been at home dreaming about getting back into the gym, or regretting those excuses you used to make to avoid the gym, you’ve come to the right place.  Sharp Edge CrossFit is now offering Stay At Home! Membership options for you.  Yes, you.  With or without CrossFit experience, you can take advantage of this opportunity to be given workouts and coaching and you don’t have to leave your living room.  PLUS, you can join our community even during this quarantine!  Sharp Edge is all about community, and we’re not going to let this slow us down!


For those of you brand new to CrossFit, you would sign up for the Foundations + option. Sharp Edge CrossFit requires you to complete 4 Foundations classes before jumping in to regular group classes (this requirement is mandatory regardless of a stay-at-home order or not). Foundations classes will teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit, why we do what we do, and how to safely and properly execute those movements. The first two of those four classes are bodyweight-only movements, so we can teach you these classes online since there is no equipment required! We will schedule those classes around your availability. Once you’ve completed those two classes, your At-Home Warrior Option 2 membership will kick in at no extra cost. That will give you access to 3 workouts/week, plus one live yoga class on Sunday mornings.

At-Home Warrior

For those of you with CrossFit experience (to be clear, you must have CrossFit experience from an actual CrossFit gym with coaches who are CrossFit L-1 certified), you can jump right in to either the At-Home Warrior Membership Option 1 or Option 2.  Option 1 gets you 3 workouts/week, plus live online yoga on Sunday mornings.  Option 2 gets you 3 workouts/week, two of which include live coaching online in a group setting (schedule of classes will revolve around members’ availability), plus live online yoga on Sunday mornings.  The biggest difference between the two options is the opportunity to be coached, or not.  If your current schedule is unpredictable and somewhat inflexible, choose Option 1 and do your workouts on your own time!  If your schedule is relatively flexible right now and you could benefit from coaching to help keep you motivated, choose Option 2.

Memberships include access to Beyond the Whiteboard – an online platform where you’ll receive your workouts, and also record your results.  It has built-in social features, as well, so you can high-five or fist-bump your fellow at-home warriors!


Memberships also include access to a private Facebook group for at-home Sharp Edge warriors.  You can meet new people, socialize, talk about how great (or awful) your workout was, share ideas, share recipes, whatever!  As stated above, Sharp Edge is all about community, and we’re not going to let this quarantine slow us down.


Questions?  Send us an email!  Ready to sign up?  Click on a membership option now and let’s get started!

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