Tani is a great coach, who puts her emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of movements and provides positive coaching to encourage you to do your best!
Bryan B.
Coach Tani keeps things fun, while still remaining focused on proper form and fundamentals. Her knowledge and passion really show!
Travis H.
Tani has a great eye in spotting errors and is awesome at explaining and demonstrating the proper way to do crossfit movements. She pushes you to your max and gives challenging yet doable modifications for your specific abilities as an athlete.
Kristina S.
I am stronger, more capable, and more proud of who I've become physically and mentally.
Dani M.
To the point: Coach Tani is simply Great! The enthusiasm she exudes, and dedication to her athletes, no matter their level of experience, is unparalleled. She really knows when to push, but also when to slow things down to add the tidbit that will make you be the best you can!
Pablo H.
Tani is an amazing coach. When I doubted my own abilities, she was right there providing guidance and encouragement to successfully push myself to the level. She is a true professional and at the same time, down to earth and fun to work with. I've enjoyed training with Tani!
Nayra C.
Tani is a great coach and she inspires others with her own passion for fitness. She gives feedback to all athletes in her class. She is knowledgeable about movement standards and technique and provides modifications for skills/movements that you might not have down yet.
Jayme S.
Tani is an extremely capable athlete and knowledgable, encouraging coach. She isn't one to accept excuses. Rather, she pushes her athletes to break through perceived barriers while recognizing their need to scale safely and appropriately based on skill, capacity, and injury.
Josh F.
Tani is engaging and focused on your development as an athlete and person. A seasoned athlete herself, her wealth of knowledge from various sports sets her apart from the rest. Also, her demeanor is both kind and firm - she is unafraid to push, but quick to scale, if needed.
Kristen M.
A lot of work went into rehabbing what was once a dingy garage into what is turning out to be a beautiful gym. Getting to witness this while also having fun workout thrown at me was a blast. The workouts are always varied, scalable and never dull. You should give this box a try.